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Statistics and Machine Learning

Experience the fusion of imagination and expertise from world-class scientists with the Corner of Science

Human Genomics and Biology

Investigate the endeavor of fast-growing subjects on genetics, biology, and medicine at the Corner of Science

AI and Technology

Catch up with the booming development of AI and relevant technologies at the Corner of Science

Genetics Meets Analytics: Where Biology and Data Converge

Navigating the Genetic Labyrinth: Bridging Biology and Big Data for Future Discoveries

Decoding Life, One Data Point at a Time

From DNA Sequences to Data Sequences: Integrating Genomics with Advanced Statistical Insights for Unprecedented Understanding

Unraveling the Mysteries of DNA with Precision and Insight

Unlocking the Code of Life through the Prism of Statistics: Pioneering a New Era in Genetic Research and Innovation

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Our extensive array of professional services accommodates a varied audience, from genetic researchers to data statisticians and beyond.

Lane’s Corner of Science Community

  • Collaborate with fellow statisticians and geneticists.
  • Showcase your ideas, perspectives and projects.
  • Experience the world of science.
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Corner of Science

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CFO, CHONPS Health Tech

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